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Cacao Maca Moringa Power Pancakes

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We've got your chocolate cravings covered with our chocolatey delicious cacao moringa maca Power Pancakes. In addition to the super nutritious organic cacao powder, we've added two amazing superfoods to these pancakes: maca and moringa.

We use organic raw maca that may possess adaptogenic properties which means maca aids in your body’s ability to deal with stress while supporting energy! Maca root contains, calcium, fatty acids and vitamins B1, B2, B12 as well as variety of minerals and alkaloids. 

We've also added in organic moringa leaf, another incredibly nourishing superfood - this little leaf has over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants! Moringa is highly nutritious and are rich in vitamins D, K, A, C, B6, manganese, magnesium, lysine, riboflavin, calcium, thiamin, potassium, iron, protein and niacin. Moringa also contains all 8 essential amino acids and is rich in flavonoids! Ready to supercharge your breakfast? Our pancake mix also makes perfect waffles!


One serving of our pancake mix has:

- 25 grams of protein
- 38 grams of complex carbs
- 8 grams of fiber
- 3 grams of sugar


Our allergy friendly mix is gluten free, soy free, and vegan (dairy free and lactose free)