Copy of About NFP Nation

“Are you tired of the same old flat protein bar for a snack?”

“Are you ready to try some delicious protein muffins to break your snack time routine?”

“Tired of boring bars? We are too.

Break out of your snack time sadness and grab a freshly baked delicious protein muffin!”


Who are We?

At NFP Nation, we aim to make your life easier, healthier and more wholesome.

We were tired of eating the same old snack bar over and over again. Since you are here, I bet you are too. So we have created a gourmet plant based muffin using the power of real, whole foods (carrots are the first ingredient on our list!). Made with fresh fruits and veggies each muffins packs 12 grams of plant protein. And to make sure that everyone could enjoy them, they are always gluten free, dairy free, and soy free.

Why Us?

Our mission is to create food that is as delicious as it is healthy. We combine the convenience of a bar, the deliciousness of a homemade muffin and the nutrition of whole fruits and veggies to bring you a Power Muffin (or as we like to call it, your new favorite snack😋).

For our tasty products, Our recipe for food that is equally as delicious as it is healthy uses the plant power of hemp seed, along with real apples and carrots to create a nutritious base that provides outstanding benefits: feel satisfied, appetite control, easy to digest, low glycemic index, exceptional micro-nutrients, great omega 3 to 6 ratio, packed with antioxidants, and best of all leaving you feeling bloat free and fatigue free!

Do you want more reasons?
Our Products are :

  • Conveniently packaged and easy snack for on-the-go
  • Delicious
  • A great & healthy alternative snack

Easy on your pockets - superior bang for your buck!

What are our Products?

Power Muffin

Imagine your starving at work and you open your Power Muffins and bite into a peanut buttery muffins sprinkled with chocolate chips...not only are your tastebuds delighted but you are happy knowing you are treating your body to a snack of whole food plant based goodness! Our muffins are exceptionally nutritious and filled with fiber and healthy fats leaving your cravings behind and sustained energy for your busy day.

Is your little one a picky eater? Try our muffins for a healthy snack, or as a great addition to their packed lunch. They won’t even know Power Muffins are filled with fruits and veggies and kids love our muffins!

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Power Waffles


Our waffles are always vegan (zero dairy or lactose), gluten free, soy free. Each waffles pack 10 grams of protein, a serving of fruits and veggies, and are full of fiber.

Your powerful morning is just a Power Waffle away.

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What People Say About Our Products?

They are dedicated to bringing CLEAN, healthy, and tasty food to everyone. I love their products, but especially their mission. Support them! Buy their delicious food :)

-Megan B (Rated )

These muffins are delicious. We stock them at our gym and members love them. Perfect post workout snack to start the recovery process. Taste almost too good. And, they deliver them right to your door. Hard to beat!

-Michael V (Rated )

Honestly the best muffin I have ever had. So moist and filling! I would love to see these in our local health stores.

-Marie W (Rated )

I eat NFP Power Muffins after an intense crossfit workout. The power muffins are packed with protein, healthy carbs and fats to refuel my body after crossfit. I sometimes spread some almond butter for a lil’ extra protein and healthy fats. Try putting yours in the microwave for 11 seconds and enjoy a warm / soft power muffin. My favorite is the peanut butter chocolate power muffin. Additionally, NFP uses all fresh ingredients in their products. You will not regret trying NFP power muffins. Enjoy!

-Doug D (Rated )

These are so yummy and super healthy so when I get my sweet tooth craving these are my go-to!

-Grace L (Rated )

From ingredients we know they are healthy but they taste great too!!! I’ve had the blueberry and banana nut. Delicious

-Brett A (Rated )

>>NFP Nation has a 4.8 of 5 stars from 12 reviews on Facebook & growing (March 1, 2018 )<<