• [Coming Soon!] Original Power Waffles
  • [Coming Soon!] Original Power Waffles

[Coming Soon!] Original Power Waffles

Your Powerful morning starts with a Power Waffle. 

Our waffles are hand made for you and ready to eat!

We start with fresh apples and banana, then add hemp seed for the amazing benefits and powerful plant protein. Oats fill you up and provide long lasting energy from complex carbs. We also add in Maca, and incredible superfood (read all about it in our ingredients page!). The incredible ingredients we use is why we call them Power waffles, just check out those micro nutrients!

One waffle packs 10 grams of plant protein and 25 grams of net carbs, a serving of fruits and veggies and will keep you full without feeling heavy in your tummy.

These waffles come in a container of 5, and nutrition facts are for ONE waffle. There's 50 grams of protein in one container!

Ingredients: Apples*, banana*, oats*, hemp seed*, brown rice protein*, raw sugar*, flax, chia*, baking soda, vanilla, maca root*, cinnamon*.