3 signs you might need more fiber

Did you know fiber is only found in plants? 

Here are 3 signs you might not be getting enough fiber in your diet.

You’re still hungry shortly after eating.

If you start feeling hungry again about an hour or so after eating, you should be adding more fiber to plate. Filling up on fiber adds bulk to your plate without adding extra calories, because fiber is not digestible, it simply passes through. Fiber helps your food act like a slow burning candle. Without fiber your food is like lighter fluid on a fire, your body digests so quickly that your left feeling hungry again soon. Fill up on fiber and you won’t be left feeling hungry an hour after lunch. It also slows down your digestions giving you slow burning fuel for sustained energy throughout the day.

You always feel like you need a nap after eating.

You guessed it! Not enough fiber.

Do you feel like crawling under your desk for a nap after lunch? That tired, sluggish feeling hits because your blood sugar spikes from all your quickly digested food, but then you get a sugar crash, leaving you feel slow and sleepy (and probably a little cranky). When you add fiber to youe meal, your food is digested much slower. That helps your body maintain steady blood sugar levels so you have sustain energy without the post lunch crash.

You are bloated. Or constipated.

Eating plenty of fiber helps you have complete and regular bowel movements. Fiber makes sure that everything you eat moves through you completely which prevents things from getting ‘stuck’, which then leads to constipation or bloating.

If you’re having any of these symptoms, it might mean you need to up your fiber intake. You should be aiming for about 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day (the average american only gets about nine grams a day). Don’t go crazy and add a ton of fiber to your diet all at once. Too much fiber is not a good thing (but don’t worry, it’s hard to get too much) and things could get a little backed up if you’re not drinking plenty of water to help keep all that extra fiber moving. And lastly, fiber is a prebiotic which helps keep you gut healthy and happy.

As always, eat more plants!

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