Meet Coach Brad!

Meet Brad

Coach Brad ws the first fighter that we met as we launched our products throughout our community. Coach Brad gets his workout at Crossfit9, an outstanding local crossfit gym in St. Petersburg, FL. Brad has been really supportive of our brand and has also helped us develop our products by giving his honest feedback.

I asked Brad to walk us through one of his routines, while we asked some questions. We asked brad why he liked the Power Muffin, he said, "It tastes good, its powerful, and it fills you up." Coach Brad told us that crossfit's time factor makes it a unique sport because you are always testing your limits. He also taught us how certain exercises had to be performed in a safe manner.

Heavy Brad

Coach Brad is in top shape and has incorporated our products as part of his diet. After finishing up his routine I told him that I was pretty sure he was in better shape than I was...