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What People are saying

Out of all the healthy and unhealthy muffin options I’ve had this is the absolute best! I would choose it over ANYTHING! So stinking good! I’m so thankful I found these things! Thank you for making such good and healthy muffins!

Serena S.

So moist and well balanced I almost felt guilty for eating them! Almost...I wanted to eat my entire order in 1 sitting I love them so much! 

Tabitha C.

I have trouble finding vegan friendly protein treats but when I do they don’t always taste too good. But these muffins were actually yummy to eat while helping me get my protein gains and also has other vitamins and minerals in it 💪🏽

Simranjit J.

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What The Muffin?

A Power Muffin is:

✓ Time saving

✓ Sustained energy

✓ Perfect on-the-go snack

✓ Our home made recipe hand made for you

✓ 100% Plant based & packed with protein

✓ Conveniently packaged & ready to eat

✓ Absolutely delicious